•Allow the paste to dry for 15-20 minutes without touching it

•Leave the henna on your skin for as long as possible, 6-8 hours is recommended to get a darker stain. It is normal for some bits to flake off while it’s drying

•To remove the paste simply pull it off. Be careful not to scratch or scrape. abrasives will damage the design

•At first the stain will be orange and will then darken over the next 48 hours

•Heat is henna’s friend!

•Avoid water for the first few hours of paste removal to encourage the stain to darken. Water can interrupt the oxidization process of your henna stain.

•Moisturize the area with the henna with coconut, olive, almond oil or any other natural oil. Apply the oil before and after bathing to protect the stain from bath products.

•Avoid excess rubbing of the area. Keep in mind that frequent washing, soaps, petroleum products (sunscreen, vaseline, baby oil) and the rubbing of clothing and shoes on the design will cause your henna to fade more quickly.


Aftercare is important in achieving a dark stain that will last.